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Unlock My Life Is A Lifetime Journey

Unlock My Life is an organisation working with prisons around the UK to give offenders an opportunity to open up about mental health. As a subject that is not spoken about enough within prisons, this gives offenders a chance to get involved in something positive and tune into their creative side whilst doing so. Whether that’s film production to tell their mental health story, working within a team to produce music or gaining qualifications to become a Mental Health Ambassador in their prison, there is something for everyone.

Our aim is to provide people within the prison environment experiencing mental ill health (self-harming, anxiety or other troubles) to channel their thoughts and feelings into something they are passionate about. Unlock My Life is a bridge between prisoners and staff, to allow individuals to become more comfortable with talking about their issues and lending an ear to those in need. We are here to give advice and support to those who haven’t had the opportunity to receive this or haven’t felt the ability to reach out.

Unlock My Life has been working on our project pilot across the South East which includes working with:

  • HMP Hollesley Bay
  • HMP Warren Hill
  • HMP Chelmsford
  • HMP Highpoint

Our plan for 2022 is to branch out to prisons all across the UK; to unify relationships between the criminal justice system and prisons.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Becoming A Mental Health Ambassador

Unlock My Life provides the opportunity to gain Mental Health qualifications. This enables offenders to achieve a better understanding of what mental health is about, as there are many different types of conditions and variations. These qualifications also give them the skills to be able to help a person who is experiencing distress and provide support to point them in the right direction to get the help they need.

Qualified individuals can then go onto becoming a Mental Health Ambassador (MHA). They will receive their own branded t-shirts, so other offenders can identify who they can approach if they are not coping with things. By becoming a Mental Health Ambassador, offenders can assist their peers in their own prison. They can use their journey, relatability and experience to aid individuals to recovery as well as raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing.

At Unlock My Life, we would love as many people as possible to become Mental Health Ambassadors throughout prisons across the UK. We can give them the skills they need to help others.

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Unity Film & Production

Unity Film & Production

Sharing Their Story Through Film & Music Production

Unlock My Life works together with Unity Film & Production to offer offenders the chance to get involved with using a creative outlet to share their stories. By writing about their experience and working with industry professionals in film and music production, individuals can use this platform to raise awareness amongst others within prison.

We provide offenders with the opportunity to plan, prepare and produce their story. Whether that’s being behind the camera, post-film editing, making music or taking part in every process, Unlock My Life encourages individuals to utilise this platform to get their story told.

Not only does this enable offenders to get in touch with their creative side and gain some hands-on experience within the film, music and arts industry, but it also provides a chance to do something therapeutic and positive.

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Provide More Opportunities in your prison

Are you interested in enrolling your offenders in our Mental Health & Wellbeing work or Mental Health Ambassador Programme? Do you think getting your offenders involved in film and music production would benefit them?

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